At Ashford Homes, we make buying a new home the ultimate customer experience. Our Steps to buying a new home designed to ensure your involvement through the entire building process. It doesn’t stop after you’re handed the keys to your new home, it continues through your ‘after move-in’ review. Ashford Homes provides quality built homes with values you can appreciate so you and your family can rest easy!

Choose Your “One-of-a-Kind” Homesite And Home Design

Select your homesite and choose the home that best fits your needs from a variety of exciting styles and sizes.

Secure Your Decision

Reserve your homesite for five days by writing a nominal escrow check. Within that same period complete a Purchase Agreement with your Sales Consultant.

Personalize Your Home

Select the finishes that best express your style. Choose from among many types of flooring, cabinets, appliances, interior, and exterior colors, etc.

Obtain Mortgage Financing

Our experienced Sales Consultant will explain what finance program best fits your needs. You will then make a Loan Application within five days. Once your loan is approved we will then start construction on your new home.

Customer Involvement

a. Pre-Construction Conference: We believe you should be involved before we start excavating. So, you and your Ashford Homes team will go over the plans, visit the homesite, and review this phase of the construction with our build trend technology, you can see the status of your home 24/7/365!

b. Pre-Drywall Conference: You and your Project Supervisor will walk through the home while it is at frame-stage with the rough electrical, plumbing, and HVAC in place. This will be your opportunity to make certain that everything is in the proper place, based upon your Pre-Construction Conference. This meeting also gives your Project Supervisor the opportunity to show you the quality workmanship that goes into every Ashford Home.

c. New Home Demonstration: About a week before your closing, your Ashford Homes team member will do a walk-through of your home with you, demonstrating how things work. This meeting also gives us time to note any last-minute items that require attention prior to your move-in.

Pick Up Your Keys

At this time the title company finalizes the paperwork necessary for closing, allowing you to pick up the keys to your new home and begin an exciting new home life!

After Move-In

a. 60 Day Home Review: The first 60 days in a newly constructed home will usually turn up small items that need to be addressed. After you have lived in your new home for 60 days, Ashford Homes will provide you a letter that will allow you to notate any items that need to be addressed. At your New Home Demonstration, you will receive a form we would like you to use to notate any of these items.. Once we receive your list, an Ashford Homes Representative will contact you to review your list and schedule the service. To keep your inconvenience to a minimum, we will make every effort to arrange for all work to be completed the same day.


b. 12 Month Drywall Inspection: Some newly built homes experience “nail-pops” and drywall cracks due to the settlement of the home. Drywall contractor will address any drywall issues at this time.