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Affordable Living – How Much is a Custom Home Build in Cincinnati?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Custom home building in Cincinnati is a growing trend. If you plan to have your dream home built, you’ll want to know more about what a custom new home costs in Cincinnati. You should also become aware of little ways you can negotiate for lower costs to keep your new home build as affordable as possible.

The cost for a custom home build in Cincinnati falls somewhere between $90 and $150 per square foot. The final costs can total between $150,000 and $450,000. The price you pay for your home may vary, depending on the variables you choose, such as the lot, custom options, design services, appliances, and materials.

Your costs Here are the various elements that can affect the price you pay as a new custom homeowner.

Land Price

The average cost of land throughout the state of Ohio was $32,077 per acre in 2019. The cost to purchase a lot of land in Cincinnati will depend on the location, construction suitability and acreage.

Contractor Labor & Materials

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the average cost of construction for a custom home build in Ohio comes to $104.95 per square foot. Just like the price of land, the average cost to build should be used as a guideline for your materials and contractor budget only.

After meeting with your custom home builder, you will be quoted a more detailed estimate of the construction price per square foot. This quote factors in labor costs, home structure complexity, the foundation, the quality of the exterior materials, and interior finish requirements.

Exterior Materials

The exterior materials are critical to a new home build. The outdoor walls require a lot of material and can be somewhat expensive. These walls support the structure of the home and keep the bad weather out. Along with the exterior walls, the materials you will be required to buy include openings for windows, doorways, and the garage. This category can even include the roof, which can contribute a sizable amount to your budget.

Interior Finishes

Opting for premium home features can elevate your home build costs somewhat. Custom countertops or a first-rate heating and air conditioning system can set you back $30 to $80 per square foot in added construction costs.

As the custom home buyer, you get to choose every element of your home from roof to foundation. That includes the doors, trims, mirrors, flooring, lighting, painting, appliances, fireplaces, and more.


Cincinnati home builders are required to obtain at least three building permits before any ground can be broken. These include an occupancy permit, a septic permit, and a utility permit. While the cost of these permits will depend on your county, they typically cost between $500 and $2,000. If you are building on a plot of land that hasn’t had any construction on it before, you may need to cover a site inspection and utility connection fees, as well. Ask your Cincinnati custom home builder for details.

How to Save Money on a Custom New Home in Cincinnati

Building your “dream home” is one of the biggest investments you could ever make. If you want to save money, here are three tips to help you reduce your home building costs.

Be Mindful of Your Budget

When sitting down with your builder, you will be presented with architectural designs, amenities, exterior features, and neighborhoods. All these elements can make your imagination run wild. Before you know it, you see yourself in the most complex home design in the most luxurious neighborhood. But hang on before you sign on the dotted line. Keep your budget in mind throughout these meetings so that you do not overextend. Building costs can quickly add up. Your custom builder should be able to help you keep to your budget if you let your figure be known from day one.

Does Your Builder Offer Closing Cost Incentives?

Do you plan on taking out a loan to pay for your new home? If so, check with your builder to determine if they offer any closing cost incentives. Financing your home through your builder’s preferred lender can save you thousands on such costs as construction insurance, building record fees, and mortgage origination fees.

Is Building a Custom Home in Cincinnati Worth It?

Choosing to build a custom home is incredibly rewarding. This is your chance to make a home your own; to construct it from the bottom up using your own vision. You also hope to build the home your family will grow in. The extra money and time you spend on designing and building your home will be well worth it. Consider that this is the home you will be living in for many years to come. Wouldn’t you want the chance to make it one of a kind unique? That’s what custom home building offers.

When it comes to building in Cincinnati, the area is currently number two in the country for home sales. With so many buyers snatching up properties, the inventory to buy remains low. That makes custom home building the move to make for anyone looking to move into the area.

Before you opt for a custom build, study your options, and use the tips above to cut costs wherever possible. Doing so can stretch your budget and ensure you are happy with the outcome. Custom homes, while they can be more work and costly in the beginning, can save you loads down the line; particularly when compared to an older home you need to maintain.

Ready to get started building your custom dream home in Cincinnati?

Work with a Custom Home Builder in Cincinnati, Ohio

Now that you know more about how much a custom home costs in Cincinnati, the next step is to find a builder. Whether you have your “dream home” in mind or want ideas from the experts, the custom builders at Ashford Homes want to work with you. We handle every aspect of the home building process, from obtaining permits and adhering to building codes, to the full construction from start to finish. Getting started is easy. Call us for a free estimate so we can begin discussing the home you have in mind (513)442-5555.


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