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Common Custom Home Building Questions and Answers

Updated: May 17, 2023

Custom Home Building Questions and Answers

Custom home building is filled with challenges. As someone unfamiliar to the process, you may have a number of questions you’d like answered before you commit. These questions may relate to the process of finding a custom builder or to the steps that go into choosing your amenities and floor plan. You might have concerns about financing and how to close on your new home. Getting answers to your most pressing questions will better prepare you for the building process and ease your worried mind.

With all the nuances that go into custom home building, it would be impossible to list all of the questions you might have. But here are a few common ones we often get at Ashford Homes in Cincinnati. If your question isn’t listed, feel free to give us a call. We’ll do our best to set the record straight about any custom building step from A to Z.

Common Questions Asked of Custom Home Builders

Is Buying a Custom Home Worth the Time and Money?

Buying an existing home lets you move into your new home right away, but that is the only benefit. Custom homes can be built to match your unique preferences, lifestyle, and values.

Instead of a home that was built according to someone else’s vision, a custom built home gives you complete control from beginning to end. You can choose a home in the style of your choice and build in any neighborhood as you see fit. You can build as many bedrooms as you need to accommodate your family. And you can even plan for additions to your family with an extra room for the baby or build an office that’s perfect for working from home.

As the owner of one of these homes, you get to say where each of your dollars is invested. You can build skylights, decide on hardwood over carpeting, and choose a roof that is impervious to inclement weather. Unlike an existing home, a custom home is uniquely yours through and through. The same can’t be said of a home that already exists.

Aren’t Custom Homes More Expensive Than Existing Homes?

The fees you pay to build your custom home depend on your location, the floor plan you choose, amenities, and the builder. To say that custom homes are more expensive than existing homes is relative since there are so many variables at stake.

One advantage you have as someone interested in building a custom home is that most builders today base their reputations on transparency as a supreme value. When you receive an estimate for a custom home, you get to see where all of your money is allocated. You have total say in where your money is spent before any ground is broken, putting you in charge every step of the way.

In addition, custom builders will work with you to ensure you get the maximum value for your budget, no matter the range.

How long is the custom home building process?

With all the planning that goes into designing a custom home, you can expect the process to take a minimum of a few months. Some builders say seven to nine months on average while others will tell you ten months to two years. This is another question that’s relative because the time duration depends on how much customization needs to be done.

The time it takes to construct your home will be explained to you when it comes time to sign your final agreement. The builder has a vested interest in getting the job done quickly, but at the same time no one wants the job rushed. Many contracts have stipulations that demand the work be done by a certain deadline, barring disruptions for things like natural disasters and weather emergencies. That gives you peace of mind that your home will be built according to your specifications and right on time.

How Does the Design Process Work?

Deciding on a builder is the first step to designing your custom home. Once you sit down with the design team, that’s when the fun begins. Your custom builder will help you tailor your choices of floor plans, amenities, and extras that will maximize quality while staying within your budget.

You’ll get to choose every detail of your custom home, from the number and size of the bedrooms to the décor, appliances, and outside aesthetic. You are encouraged to bring ideas for your ideal home with you to your design appointment. You should also be open to listening to suggestions from the custom build team. These brainstorming sessions can be exciting as you envision the closing process. That’s when, of course, you’ll finally get to move into your custom-built home.

How Do I Get Started Building a Custom Home?

Are you considering building a custom home? If you live in or around Cincinnati, we encourage you to call Ashford Homes. We are one of Ohio’s most reputable custom builders. Our construction team has an excellent track record building homes according to the preferences, timelines, and budgets of our loyal customers. Let us walk you through the process from the design and construction of your home to the financing and simple closing process. Get started now by reaching out by phone. Call (513)442-5555.



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