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Custom Luxury Homes in Mason, Ohio

Updated: Apr 12

The Estates of Mason features six custom homes designed and built by Ashford Homes.

This small community, sitting just north of Cincinnati in Warren County, offers unique floor plans, including 2-story, Ranch, and 1st-floor masters, starting in the mid $600s. These energy-smart homes feature James Hardie color siding and full unfinished basements with 9-foot basement walls.

Estates of Mason

You can look forward to every detail, from the gorgeous granite kitchen and upgraded cabinets to the oversized direct vent fireplace and crown molding.

When you choose to build a custom home, you’re making a decision that will positively impact your present and future happiness. Some might argue that any older home can do this, but there’s nothing like a personalized home built to suit your tastes, lifestyle, and your family’s needs.

While the economy may have generally recovered in the past year, the housing market remains tricky. Families are expanding their horizons regarding home ownership. Though older houses are still a popular option, there has been a greater shift toward custom-built homes, and for good reason.

Why Build a Custom Home

Many people dream of designing and building their very own fully customized dream home, but many wonder if building a custom home is worth it. Building a new home provides a great number of advantages, including:

Built for You

Customization allows individuals to design their homes according to their needs and lifestyles, providing the flexibility to select floor plans, features, and finishes. Personalization extends to choosing the highest quality materials and determining the size, location, and lot type. Furthermore, custom homes can be tailored to accommodate special needs, making them suitable for individuals with specific requirements.


Building a custom home allows you to plan for the future. You can incorporate features that may be important as your family grows or as you age, such as additional bedrooms, accessibility features, or multi-generational living spaces.

Cost Control

In this highly competitive home-buying market, reduced competition for houses already on the market can lead to financial savings. A custom home guarantees quality construction, satisfaction, and lower maintenance costs. Older homes often require renovations to meet buyers' desires and demands.

Technology and smart homes

By custom-building your new home, you can use the latest technology to turn it into a smart home. Whether automatic or voice-controlled lights or garage doors that open when your car approaches the driveway, technology can make all kinds of things possible. Building a home from scratch allows you to plan for and integrate such technologies for comfort and easy living.

More Energy-Efficient

One of the major costs of older homes is how inefficient they are energy-wise. From the venting windows to poor insulation that leaks air conditioning, an energy-inefficient home may as well be burning money. With a custom-built home, the latest construction techniques and new appliances ensure your home is energy-efficient, saving you hundreds of dollars annually.

Easy Equity

Building equity into the home is also possible, and the process serves as a means of self-expression, allowing homeowners to create a space uniquely reflective of their personalities.

It's important to note that building a custom home requires careful planning, a reliable builder, and a clear understanding of your dream home budget.

Choose the best location

Building a custom home gives you greater freedom about where to live because you can choose where to build it. You can choose a good school district as your location if you plan to have children, or you can choose a plot that has the best natural terrain so that you can create a walkout basement.

Perhaps you like to be amidst nature and want to select a place near the woods to build your new home. Building a custom home makes it possible to cherry-pick a desirable location.

Why Live in Mason, Ohio

Mason, Ohio, is a suburb of Cincinnati that some say is one of the most desirable communities in the Cincinnati area. It's known for being a progressive, innovative community with a low cost of living, attractive neighborhoods, and nationally ranked-schools. Mason is also home to Kings Island Amusement Park and the Lindner Family Tennis Center, which hosts the Western & Southern Open, one of the world's top tennis tournaments.

Custom Homes in Mason

Top City for Families

In 2022, Mason was named one of Fortune's top places for families in the United States. Fortune compiled the list among 215,000 data points for nearly 2,000 cities to recognize cities and towns in America that meet the needs of today's families.

Despite this recognition, the city hasn't outgrown itself. Mason remained a great place to live while experiencing a small, consistent number of new residents has been maintained in the city.

Mason offers families a lot.

  • Strong economy: Mason has a strong economy, with jobs increasing 10% since 2015 and projected to increase another 12% by 2025.

  • Top Schools: Mason schools have consistently performed well in standardized tests and academic assessments, including a 95% graduation rate. The district often ranks high in state and national rankings.

  • Safety: Mason is often considered a safe place to live, which can be a significant factor for individuals or families looking for a secure environment.

  • Communal spirit: Fortune comments on Mason's "communal spirit and small-town feel."

  • Cost of living: When choosing a new place to live, the cost of living is a significant consideration. The cost of living in Mason is lower than the national average and most cities in the state.

  • Cultural and entertainment options: The presence of cultural and entertainment amenities, such as theaters, restaurants, and shopping centers, can contribute to the overall appeal of a place. Mason may have a range of options for residents to enjoy.

  • Many parks: Mason has many parks and a sparse suburban feel. Access to green spaces and recreational opportunities can be attractive for individuals and families who enjoy an active lifestyle.

  • Affordability: Mason is one of only two cities in Ohio ranked in the 98th percentile for liveability, including affordability.

  • Proximity to Cincinnati: Mason is a suburb of Cincinnati, providing residents access to a larger city's amenities and job opportunities while still enjoying the benefits of suburban living.

Make Your Next Move with Ashford Homes

We encourage you to call custom home builder Ashford Homes if you live or want to live in or around Mason and the greater Cincinnati area. We are one of Ohio’s most reputable custom builders. With more than 55 years of combined experience, the team at Ashford Homes is honored to build custom homes for their clients. Ashford Homes believes that their experience, knowledge, home designs, and attention to detail set them apart in the home building.



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